Public Boat Dock at Haworth Park to Open to the Public on Saturday.

Cleanup and Restoration of Haworth Park Continues After Early Summer Floods

  • 2 August 2018
  • Author: Phil Davidson
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Public Boat Dock at Haworth Park to Open to the Public on Saturday.

The Bellevue Public Works Department has announced that due to the lower levels of the Missouri River, one of the public boat docks at Haworth Park has been inspected and will be open to the public, beginning on Saturday, August 4, 2018. The other public boat dock at Haworth Park has been damaged by the flood waters and debris and will need to be refurbished before being declared safe for use. The public will be allowed into Haworth Park to use the boat dock but the remainder of Haworth Park, including the campground, playground equipment and riverfront trails will remain closed as City Crews continue the cleanup process. Entry into these areas of the park, will constitute trespassing and the Bellevue Police Department will continue to patrol these areas.

City Crews continue to work on the cleanup and restoration of the areas of Haworth Park that were affected by the flooding earlier this summer. A majority of the silt that came in to the park, has been cleared from the roadways and trails and hauled away. Additionally, the park has been tilled and is ready for the reseeding process which began late this week. Crews are also well into the process of inspecting the electrical outlets in the park and the playground equipment is also being inspected and repaired as needed.

The City originally estimated that the cleanup process would take approximately 8 weeks and if weather and river levels cooperate, that goal should be realistic as the Public Works Department is hoping to reopen the campground in early September. Additional updates will be provided as the cleanup process continues.

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