On February 6, 2024, the Bellevue City Council voted to place a ballot initiative on the May 14th Primary Election Ballot that would add a half-cent local option sales tax to support and enhance Bellevue Parks and Recreation facilities along with providing funding for infrastructure improvements throughout the community.

The City Council recognizes the need for an additional investment in these Parks, Recreation, and Infrastructure projects, which would improve the quality of life for residents. Some cities in Sarpy County help fund these types of investments with an additional half-cent local option sales tax. Like residents of those cities, the residents of Bellevue have an opportunity to vote on whether to help fund these improvements with an added half-cent sales tax that is in line with other communities in Sarpy County.

Sales Tax is paid by residents and visitors to our community when they buy taxable goods and services. The additional revenue generated by this half-cent sales tax increase would help provide numerous benefits to our community. Those Parks, Recreation and Infrastructure Improvements would be paid for by not only Bellevue residents, but visitors to our community as well.

Here are some Local-Option Sales Tax Facts for you to consider when voting “Yes” or “No” on this Ballot Initiative:

  • Placing this issue on the ballot gives all Bellevue voters an opportunity to decide what is best for them, their families, and their community.
  • The planned Water Park near the northwest corner of the Highway 75 and Highway 34 intersection is not dependent on this half-cent sales tax initiative passing.
  • A “Yes” vote supports funding for timely Infrastructure Improvements such as road improvements, sanitary sewer repairs and upgrades, and water, sewer and electrical extensions in areas like Olde Towne and the proposed Entertainment District and High-Tech Defense Industry Center.
  • A “Yes” vote helps Bellevue residents share with outside visitors the cost of these Parks, Recreation and Public Infrastructure projects within our community, help relieve dependence on property taxes in the City’s General Fund, and Fund and promote property tax relief for Bellevue residents.
  • A “No” vote means Parks, Recreation, and Infrastructure projects will be funded primarily through other taxes, fees and revenues, including property taxes, over time.