Tours of the Fontenelle Bank, Log Cabin, Olde Presbyterian Church, Depot and the Bellevue Cemetery are available free of charge.

The Olde Presbyterian Church is available to rent for weddings for $375. Please contact 402-293-3142

*Call the Recreation Department at 402-293-3142 for information on tours & reservations.

The Reed Community Center is available for wedding receptions, anniversaries and banquets for up to 250 people.

*Call the Reed Center at 402-293-3142 for information on reservations.

Bellevue Public Pools will open for the 2019 season on May 28th. Here is a list of Bellevue's Pools!

Cascio Pool, 1500 Lawrence Lane (Open Until 8:45pm on Wednesdays) Phone # 402-293-3149

Dowding Pool, 14th and Washington Streets (Open Until 8:45pm on Thursdays) Phone # 402-293-3150

Gilbert Pool, 29th Avenue and Jackson Street (Open Until 8:45pm on Fridays) Phone # 402-293-3151

Sun Valley Pool, 52nd Street and Aspen Drive (Open Until 8:45pm on  Mondays) Phone # 402-293-3049 

Pools will remain open through second week of August and their regular hours are Monday - Saturday from Noon - 6:45 p.m. and on Sundays: Noon - 5:45 p.m

Daily Swim Fees are: 

  • Youth (18 yr. – Under) $3.00              
  • Adult (19 yr.  & Over) $5.00           
  • Wading Pool (2 yr. – Adult) $2.00            
  • Seniors (55 yr. & Older)      Free

Pool passes may be purchased at the Recreation Department at the Reed Center which is located at 1200 Lord Blvd. in Bellevue.

Pool Rentals

$100 + $40.00 Lifeguard Fee (required)

Pool rental period is from 7 P.M. - 9 P.M. and Sunday's from 6 P.M. to 8P.M.

Please contact the pool you wish to reserve directly.

Pool Locations

The Reed Community Center is available for wedding receptions, anniversaries, and banquets for up to 250 people. 

Call the Reed Center at 293-3142 for information on reservations.

Throughout the fall, winter, and spring, activities at the Reed Center include tap and ballet lessons, square dancing, and various senior citizen activities.

For the Fall/Winter flyer, call 293-3142 or watch your local newspaper for details on upcoming activities.

Rental Fees:

  • $325 - Friday
  • $375 - Saturday
  • $325 - Sunday


  • $30.00 per hour lighting fee
  • $175.00 per day

Call 402-293-3142 for reservations.

Bellevue Historical Sites

Tours of the following facilities are available free of charge:

Call the Recreation Department at 402-293-3142 for information.

The Sarpy County Museum is closed Mondays and open to the public Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.  

Admission is $1.00 for adults and $.50 for children ages 5 - 17 and Senior Citizens.

The Museum is located at 2402 Clay Street.  

Call 402-292-1880 for information.