Mayor Hike Awards City of Bellevue Life Savings Award to Tom Deall

  • 21 December 2021
  • Author: Phil Davidson
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Mayor Hike Awards City of Bellevue Life Savings Award to Tom Deall

Bellevue Mayor Rusty Hike, City Administrator Jim Ristow and Police Chief Ken Clary presented the City of Bellevue’s Life Saving Award to Tom Deall at the Bellevue City Council Meeting this evening in recognition and honor of his actions at the Bellevue Chick-Fil-A store on Saturday, December 11th. The City of Bellevue awards its life savings award to an individual or individuals in our community who showed exceptional courage or performance in a successful effort of saving a human life. Tom Deall's efforts on December 11th more than meet this standard

On Saturday, December 11th, Bellevue Police and Fire & Rescue crews were dispatched to a rescue call at the Bellevue Chick-Fil-A where an 11-year old female had accidentally swallowed a bottle cap which blocked her airway, and she was not breathing. Tom Deall, who owns and operates the Bellevue Chick-Fil-A, noticed what was happening and immediately provided aid to the victim. He started performing the Heimlich Maneuver which fortunately was partially successful and caused the bottle cap to move and allow partial air-flow around it. Mr. Deall continued to provide aid by talking to the victim and keeping her calm as she was obviously under extreme duress which helped keep the victim stabilized until the Bellevue Fire & Rescue Department arrived on scene. The victim was then transported to the hospital for further care but it was apparent to all that Mr. Deall’s actions likely saved the life of this young girl!

Well done and thank you to Mr. Deall and the Bellevue Police and Fire Departments.

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