Carbon Monoxide poisoning in the home accounts for hundreds of deaths annually. Most of these could be prevented with a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide unlike natural gas has no odor so you can’t smell it. Early symptoms of CO poisoning are flu-like symptoms (headache, nausea, vomitting, etc.). After prolonged exposure or shorter exposure to high levels, a person can become unresponsive and may die.

In order to help prevent injuries or deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning, the Bellevue Fire Department provides carbon monoxide detectors free of charge to all residents of Bellevue. If you are interested, please call the Fire Prevention/Public Safety Officer at (402) 917-2533 or you can e-mail him at ( to be scheduled for your installation. We will need your name, address and a phone number to contact you.

A member of the Bellevue Fire Department will come out to your home and install the carbon monoxide detector free of charge. They will also perform a complimentary walk through of your home looking for any hidden hazards, also free of charge. We will also provide some literature explaining the hazards of carbon monoxide poisoning and how to prevent it.