Residential fires are one of the deadliest fires in the country. Approximately 3000 people die each year in residential fires. Two thirds of those deaths are caused by residents either not having a smoke detector or one that was not working. The risk of dying in a fire is reduced by 82% when a working smoke detector is present.

In order to help prevent injuries or deaths from residential fires, the Bellevue Fire Department provides smoke detectors free of charge to all residents of Bellevue. If you are interested, please call the Fire Prevention/Public Safety Officer at (402) 917-2533 or you can e-mail him at ( to be scheduled for your installation. We will need your name, address and a phone number to contact you.

A member of the Bellevue Fire Department will come out to your home and install the smoke detector free of charge. They will also perform a complimentary walk through of your home looking for any hazards, also free of charge. If you have a smoke detector but just need assistance installing it or changing out the batteries, please give us a call at (402) 917-2533.